What’s On

Exhibition | Zoom Obscura

Wednesday, 19th May to Thursday, 17th June 2021 (extended)

open to view at Inspace City Screen
at street level on Potterrow from 8pm to 1am
1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

Zoom Obscura is a project that has brought together artists, academics, hackers, designers and creative technologists to develop critical interventions that make the problematic workings of technologies, such as Zoom, legible to wider audiences while empowering users to experiment with, and control how their personal data (visual, audible, text input) manifest in online spaces.

We are exhibiting the project outcomes of several of the contributors at Inspace City Screen and online.

To learn more about the Zoom Obscura exhibition, click here.

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More about Inspace

At Inspace, we are future focused and ask the public to imagine new innovations and their possibilities. We aim to inspire and not just inform.

Inspace is a venue which:

  • Provides a space for people to explore, learn and create
  • Unlocks data
  • Demystifies technology
  • Encourages designing with data
  • Offers a play space to try out new ideas
  • Offers a research context to work in
  • Brings people together and offers new collaborations
  • Showcases research but through an artist or designers’ eyes
  • Encourages new collaborations
  • Is open to everyone

If you are an artist or scientist and have anything you would like to show, you can learn more about how to engage with and contact us.