Who Cares Exhibition

A dance screen work using thermal technology

An exhibition working with dance and thermal imagery to explore our sense of touch.

This moving image work generated from heat data reveals new insights into the expanded body, asking questions about the role of care in society.

Who Cares is by Angela Woodhouse and Caroline Broadhead

Exhibition Supported by the Institute for Design Informatics, Arts Council England and Middlesex University.

Ximulacra Exhibition

A digital-analogue work led by by Shankar Saanthakumar

A robot which scans analogue film photo negatives of mountain scenes and re-interprets them as dance!

This work features photos that capture how mountain forms and their surroundings life shift from the Karakoram range in Pakistan to the Helan Mountains in China. As the analogue photos are abstracted into digital movement, this perception and embodiment driven piece seeks to explore the interaction between artificial and natural entities to generate novel digital-analogue hybrid scenes.

The Sounds of Deep Fake

Exhibition by Unit Test, Theodore Koterwas, Everest Pipkin

Exhibition, curated by Design Informatics, showcasing works with sound, voice, and emerging technologies.

This exhibition asks what it means, personally and politically, to synthesize, clone, and manipulate voices, to bring together humans and speaking machines, and to literally put words into others’ mouths.

Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023.

Tinderbox Room to Play

Audiovisual installation

A creative technology course for emerging artists interested in working with interactive and digital processes in sound, art and performance.

There will also be free drop-in workshops throughout the day for children, young people and families to learn about the technology in a fun, hands-on way.

Tactile Intelligence

Artist Residency

Exhibition featuring our Artist in Residence Theodore Koterwas who has been creatively investigating Artificial Intelligence . Come explore the porous boundaries between us and technology as you interact with an invisible AI learning to communicate with you physically. Part of the Edinburgh Science Festival.

Theodore Koterwas’ Artists Talk, 12th April 2023

Data As A Material

Student Exhibition

Design Informatics students explore ‘data-as-a-material’ with two distinct approaches and design briefs – Designing Ecologies’ and Fashion Informatics – they have created responses which either question more than human and under-represented “voices” in data collection or seek to examine ways in which we could adorn our human selves through worn-data interfaces. Part of the Edinburgh Science Festival 2023.

FND Stories

Exhibition by Andrew Brooks

Capturing the stories and lived experience of those diagnosed with neurological condition, Functional Neurological Disorder, through art. 

Creative Cred

Circular Economy for the Creative Industries

Wouldn’t it be great if you could source tools, materials, services and spaces in a way that is good for the planet and good for your creative practice? 


City, Technology and the Body

Every-Body presented the work of pioneering design studio, Universal Everything, to stimulate discussion about how the body is shaped through AI and the city.

Let There Be Dragons

Navigating the uncharted data territories of creative practice

Artist responses to an open call to explore issues of data and creative practice as part of Creative Informatics’ Creative Horizon 4 project. 

Close to Home

Reflections on Lockdown in the Lothians

Exhibition by the Lothian Diary Project. Provided an immersive experience of individual accounts of the Covid-19 lockdown from a wide range of Edinburgh and Lothian residents

A Token Gesture

Research Exhibition

Exhibition and research project to introduce, explore and critique new public interactions and ownership of digital art via ‘non-fungible tokens’ – more commonly known as NFTs.  

Telling Tales of Engagement

Poetic expressions of smart donations with Oxfam

Three commissioned researchers (Bakita Kasadha, Martin Glynn and Nicky Melville) cut through the corpus of a major research project that took place between 2019 and 2021: the OxChain Smart Donations project. The OxChain project set out to explore how blockchain technologies could be used to reshape value in the context of international development and the work of Oxfam to reach new audiences.

Quantum Reflection

Quantum Drawing Workshop with Paul Thomas

The Quantum Drawing Day workshop was part of the Design Informatics Research Webinar series.

The workshop, designed by Honorary Professor Paul Thomas, draws an analogous relationship with probability and uncertainty prevalent in science where the observer affects what is observed. You can watch the full workshop and see some of the creative drawings here.


Training and re-training autonomous vehicles

Project D-RISK is making self-driving cars by creating the ultimate driving test for autonomous vehicles.

Join us at Inspace to learn more about the project, why its work matters and to tell them your own experiences as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian; from the sublime to the ridiculous, D-RISK wants to hear your experiences.

CI Labs #19

Ocean ARTic

We were delighted to be streaming the Creative Informatics CI Labs #19 live from Inspace!.

The CI Lab #19 showcased two incredible new creative works from Michael Begg and Eve Mosher, commissioned through our Ocean ARTic partnership with Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland and Blue Action.

Space and Satellites

Artist Residency at EdSciFest ’21

Representing sound, weaving, illustration, dance, animation and more, the artists-in-residence teamed up with scientists to make data ‘visible’ and highlighting changes on earth, from the movement of puffins to environmental changes, through to the impact that the Coronavirus has had on our cities. 

Zoom Obscura

Creative interventions in video calling

Artists, academics, hackers, designers and creative technologists developed interventions that make workings of technologies, such as Zoom, legible to wider audiences.

The Nth Wave

Theodore Koterwas

The Nth Wave is a solo exhibition by Theodore Koterwas. Learn more about Koterwas’s use of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) images of Scottish seaside.

Design with Data

Spring ’21 Student Show

Design with Data is a postgraduate course taught at the University of Edinburgh as part of the Design Informatics Masters programme. Bringing data to life through visual and interactive practices, the series of creative works in this show investigate a range of National Library of Scotland datasets through a myriad of approaches

Sound Exchange

Distributed Capabilities

Sound Exchange is a group exhibition emerging from the Distributed Capabilities research project. The exhibition showcases artefacts created by a collective of eleven craft makers who experimented with sounds as an alternative source of design inspiration.

Universal Matter

Asteria Creative

Universal Matter, as a live, responsive artwork is a way to visually interact with ideas of “otherness”. By placing human and non-human agents on the same footing, there is a chance we can recalibrate our relationship with the things, beings and matter around us.

Space and Satellites

Artist Residency

In our first Artist in Residence programme, we invited a group of 5 artists to focus on the theme of space and satellites data. The residencies created a space for exploration and aimed to create genuine collaborations between science and creative practice.

We began as part of the body

Beverley Hood

Exhibition explored how bodies are imagined, visualised and made audible using bio-medical data. The exhibition was presented with the Centre for Biodmedicine Self & Society, as part of Being Human Festival 2020.



Universal Everything

Universal Everything is a collective of digital artists and experience designers who explore the relationship between humans, technology and futures. We bring their work to Inspace to stimulate discussion about how the body is shaped through AI and the city.

Inspace City Screen

Data Lates

Out of hours exhibitions projected onto Potterrow as part of the Fringe Festival 2019. Artists that were featured- Jake Elwes, Brightside Studios, Ray Interactive, Asad Khan, Particia Wu Wu, Dara Etefaghi and Pip Thornton.

Design with DataSphere

Student Exhibition

In collaboration with Edinburgh Science Festival, the Design Informatics students were set a challenge to visualise data based on the themes and topics around the 2022 Edinburgh Science Festival’s DataSphere exhibition.