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A design exhibition held at the Information+ conference

Information xyz celebrates the most recent contributions of our global community of practitioners, artists, and researchers. As part of the Information+ biannual conference, we share in the sometimes subtle, often challenging, but always intentional process of shaping data into form. For this year’s exhibition program, we present a collection that speaks to the interconnectedness of technology, environment, and humanity.


Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

12:30-18:30, Thurs 23rd Nov
14:00-17:00 Fri 24th Nov

About the Exhibition

This exhibition explored four main critical themes across the fourteen pieces.

Focusing on the unseen—“Borders, Bullets and Books” exposes the harsh realities of conflict on education in the Kashmir valley. “Mapping Diversity” uses the digital landscape to dissect the complexities of gender and diversity in Europe. The more abstract visualities of “Post_Networks” value the spaces between connections, pushing us to consider the hidden traces left by networks in the digital age. “Macromicroscope” brings the unseen into focus, drawing attention to the consequences of human actions on biodiversity and climate, and the “Island of Loneliness” brings to the forefront the silent epidemic of loneliness magnified by social media.

Challenging social norms—“Though a patriarchy would privilege the changelessness—of the sun—over the inconstancy of the moon and you” questions societal norms about menstrual cycles, while “From my terrace” reflects on the modern struggle for work-life balance.

Our environmental existence—Carla Fernández Arce’s data-driven installation on imported fruits urges a reflection on our food choices, while “Back to Square One” confronts the issue of fashion waste, and Chloe Prock’s exploration of worn textile trade provides a stark look at the realities of fast fashion sustainability. By reflecting on the environmental impacts of pollution, “Ripple Effect” translates the contamination of water into an audio-visual experience.

Questioning media-Lastly, two critical works question traditional media of data visualization. While “Shine through Mars” renders the Martian atmosphere comprehensible through light, “Data-distortion exercises” will lead you through a hands-on, critical approach to data visualization.

Together, these data-driven works urge you to ponder the delicate relationship between our digital existence and the physical world, questioning established norms, and highlighting the often overlooked or unseen aspects of contemporary life.