Designing Data Humans

This interactive exhibition features the work of students from the MSc and MA Design Informatics course at the University of Edinburgh. Students have created a series of playful prototypes which examine and question our relationships to data technologies and consider how we can use data as a tool for design. The works on display help …


The BOX is an interactive installation by Dr Fiona Smith, Creator in Residence at Fraunhofer MEVIS, presented by the Institute for Design Informatics, exploring the practical and ethical implications of integrating AI technology into healthcare. Come explore the ‘black box’ aspect of AI technology in the context of digital medicine and journey into the internal and invisible workings of AI systems through the artwork.

Theodore Koterwas

Theodore Koterwas is an artist working with data, physical phenomena and the human body to make things resonate. He seeks to draw critical attention to aspects of daily experience that often go unnoticed but profoundly impact on how we understand each other, technology and the environment. Related Inspace projects and programmes

Who Cares

Touch reveals the boundaries between us but it also connects us, enabling us to transcend our physical limits. Working with dance and thermal imagery to explore our sense of touch, their moving image work generated from heat data reveals new insights into the expanded body, asking questions about the role of care in society. Exhibition …