This interactive exhibition features the work of students from the MSc and MA Design Informatics course at the University of Edinburgh. Students have created a series of playful prototypes which examine and question our relationships to data technologies and consider how we can use data as a tool for design. The works on display help us to understand what it means to be human in a digital world and explore ideas addressing sustainable practices at the intersection of data and design, culture and society.

Exhibition details

30-31 Mar 2024
10am-5pm daily
Inspace gallery

MA/MSc Programmes

Design Informatics MA and MSc programmes focus on providing foundational skills on the integration of design thinking and data science with an emphasis on exploring the role of data-driven technologies in society and the potential of such technologies to be a social good. Students are supported to develop an ethically aware, critically reflective technical practice at the interface between data and society by combining theory and research with an open-ended process of making and hacking.

Exhibition Gallery

  • Inspace at the 2024 Science Festival¬†¬†

    Presenting a programme of exhibitions and events featuring Design Informatics Master students and Creator in Residence exploring AI, technology, data and ethics.

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    OPEN 9-19 APRIL Design with Data is a design course taught at the University of Edinburgh as part of the Design Informatics Postgraduate programme and aims to investigate creative and novel ways to engage with data, its cultural contexts, conceptual framing and socio-cultural understanding. This year, in collaboration with Edinburgh Science Festival, our MA, MSc, MFA…

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