Telling Tales of Engagement | Martin Glynn | Provocation #3

Martin Glynn - Where to now?
Where to now?

A soliloquy to charitable donations in four provocations

Soliloquy: a poem, discourse, or utterance that has the form of a monologue or a series of spoken reflections.

Provocation #3:

by Dr Martin Glynn

Smart Donations reveal how money can be both released ‘N’ used
Where the immediacy of responses avoids making the donor confused
Donations are made when real time events are immediate ‘N’ instant
‘N’ the donor experiences satisfaction from things close at home or distant
Smart Donations raises awareness of issues ‘N’ events on a truly global scale
As, this new charitable experience, pushes boundaries ‘N’ blazes a new trail
Charities will be able to share stories about how the funds were used
By presenting ‘N’ projecting wide ranging ‘N’ far reaching donor views

This immediacy needs to be contextually sensitive ‘N’ handled with care
To highlight the charities ethical stance, responsibility, ‘N’ duty of care
The use of the app promotes fun, novelty, driven crypto creativity
Promoting donations on real-world data increases scope ‘N’ credibility
More importantly users take control over how their funds are dispersed
Providing security ‘N’ assurance, where donor ownership is not coerced
Smart Donations provides a platform for engaging in real world events
Reducing suspicion, fears ‘N’ anxieties that current models can’t prevent

Future digital fundraising channels must support charities with their donors,
Create tailored ‘N’ bespoke experiences, increasing value as the owners
Interfaces should allow charities to manage the content on the platform
Engage with donors, providing channels to connect, to guide ‘N’ inform
Create effective tools for supporting complex ‘N’ sensitive donor decisions
Making processes of charities, accessible by employing models of prediction
Shows the frequency of how funds will be released for specific conditions
Where charitable giving will change donation confidence without inhibition

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Martin Glynn, is one of the three artists we commissioned creative researchers to cut through the corpus of a major research project that took place between 2019 and 2021.