The Sounds of Deep Fake

Can you believe what you hear? When is a voice or sound authentic?

This exhibition, curated by the Institute for Design Informatics, brings together exciting experimental artists including Martin Disley, Theodore Koterwas and Everest Pipkin, who are working with sound and emerging technologies to explore deep fake audio. Their work asks what it means to synthesise and replicate reality, to bring together human and machine voices, and to literally put words into others’ mouths through their unique creative and critical perspectives.

Exhibition supported by Creative Informatics.

Exhibition details

5-28 August 2023,
10am-5pm daily
Inspace gallery

Featured Artists

Theodore Koterwas is an artist working with data, physical phenomena and the human body to make things resonate. He seeks to draw critical attention to aspects of daily experience that often go unnoticed but profoundly impact on how we understand each other, technology and the environment.

Everest Pipkin is a game developer, writer, and artist from central Texas who lives and works on a sheep farm in southern New Mexico. Their work both in the studio and in the garden follows themes of ecology, tool making, and collective care during collapse. When not at the computer in the heat of the day, you can find them in the hills spending time with their neighbours— both human and non-human.

Unit Test is a vehicle for artistic inquiry into computational systems. Co-founded by Martin Disley and Murad Khan, the collaborative studio assembles researchers, engineers and artists to explore aesthetic approaches to investigative computation, producing research publications, software and media art. 

Event Programme

Opening Reception and Artist Talks

Fri, 4 Aug 2023, 6-8pm

The opening reception featuring talks by three exhibiting artists.

Exploring the potential for Creative AI

Thu, 10 Aug 2023, 10:30am – 2pm

A workshop to discuss and explore how creatives in Scotland are working with AI, and what support they need to develop further.

Making and Deepfaking the News

Tue, 15 Aug 2023, 2-4pm

An interactive workshop about journalism in the age of artificial intelligence.

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