Exhibition | Universal Matter

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Using constant and real time streams of data reaching from all corners of the Universe, and your Edinburgh viewpoint, Asteria: Space and Satellite invite you to bridge the gap between you and the Universe in this exhibition, Universal Matter, available online and City Screen.

Can we build empathy for otherness through interaction?

In today’s data driven world, it’s easy to get lost in the small things like bus timetables and credit scores but what about the big ones? The astronomic ones? What if your own movement is perceived as the same stuff as solar activity, or the electric pulse of a plant?

“The cosmos is within us.
We are made of star-stuff.
We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

~ Carl Sagan

The team at Asteria: Space and Satellites will exhibit their work, Universal Matter, on Inspace’s City Screens from mid-March 2021.

This will be a free to explore exhibition, which can be viewed on the screens at Potterrow as well as online at the Inspace, Design Informatics and Asteria Space channels.

Asteria Creatives

Website: asteria-space.com/creatives

Instagram: @asteria_creatives

Medium: medium.com/asteria-space-and-satellites