Telling Tales of Engagement | Martin Glynn | Provocation #4

A soliloquy to charitable donations in four provocations

Soliloquy: a poem, discourse, or utterance that has the form of a monologue or a series of spoken reflections.

Provocation #4:

by Dr Martin Glynn

Will the marginalised be included, heard ‘N’ seen in this new reality?
Will they maintain cultural values with precision ‘N’ with clarity?
How does technology facilitate understandings ‘N’ ‘bridge this gap?
Restore confidence in the sceptics, removing barriers, to avoid the trap

Shall I therefore slip into the darkness?
Or find a new place in this world?
Shall I silence my hopes ‘N’ dreams?
Or let my voice be heard?
Shall I live with twists ‘N’ turns in life?
Or replenish mind ‘N’ soul
Shall I ignore the point of why I’m here?
Or pursue what makes me whole?

Shall I live in fear and trepidation?
Or make my old habits disappear?
Shall I stop ‘n’ start ‘n’ stop again?
Or accept that giving is very clear?
Shall I be less indecisive?
Or accept I’m now emerging?
Shall I get lost in the maze of life?
Or cease this endless searching?

Will the excluded ‘N’ those absent from the table culturally ‘N’ historically?
Gain some insights, benefits ‘N’ inclusion, literally ‘N’ metaphorically
Could this counter narrative reveal ‘N’ new forms of oppression?
Presenting inequality, pushing backwards into internal regression

Shall I stop seeing ‘N’ believing?
Or embrace where I’m at right now?
Shall I keep my future in the past?
Or accept that I’m just growing?
Shall I continue to doing nothing in this world?
Or take the risk to do what I know is right?
Shall I shun Smart Donations?
Or will it be just fight of flight

Copyright © Martin Glynn, 2021 
The moral right of the author has been asserted. All rights reserved.  No part of this book may be copied, stored, or reproduced without the prior permission from the publisher

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Martin Glynn, is one of the three artists we commissioned creative researchers to cut through the corpus of a major research project that took place between 2019 and 2021.