Telling Tales of Engagement | Martin Glynn | Provocation #2

A soliloquy to charitable donations in four provocations

Soliloquy: a poem, discourse, or utterance that has the form of a monologue or a series of spoken reflections.

Provocation #2:

by Dr Martin Glynn

Blockchain technology can be used in clear ‘N’ quite specific ways
When making personalised donations, whilst navigating the maze
Individual donors can pledge if certain conditions are clearly met
Donations are then automatically released, without fear, or with regret
Once the event has passed, donations are returned back to the donor
No middle people in charge, the donor is both investor ‘N’ the owner
This social interaction manages event donation using this digital cash
Avoids all those interactions, where traditional banking methods crash

Complex relations emerge from personal data-driven transactions
Communication ‘N’ self-expression then drive financial interactions
As the mobile banking app reveals exactly when transactions take place
Assessing events, before releasing the pledged funds into the digital space
Right time senses ‘N’ responds, to conditions that charities will set
Where criteria for contracts, thresholds N frequencies are met
Whilst the donor experiences reflect on donating at the ‘right time’
This indigenous cultural practice is a central value that is prime

These feelings ‘N’ reasoning’s ‘N’ intersections ‘N’ juxtapositions
Enables faster processing, more efficiently, creating new conditions
Operating in ‘digital time’, differs from ‘chronological time’ in our lives
All interwoven ’N’ interdependent, are where this innovation lies
Agency ‘N’ self-expression, set clear boundaries, rules ‘N’ intentions
Efficiency avoids confusion, without hesitations or abstentions
Analytical thoughts about payments ‘N’ consequences of those choices
Create competent rules ‘N’ conditions, giving donors their own voices

Copyright © Martin Glynn, 2021 
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Martin Glynn, is one of the three artists we commissioned creative researchers to cut through the corpus of a major research project that took place between 2019 and 2021.