Telling Tales of Engagement | Martin Glynn | Provocation #1

Martin Glynn - To be, or not to be crypto?
To be, or not to be crypto?

A soliloquy to charitable donations in four provocations

Soliloquy: a poem, discourse, or utterance that has the form of a monologue or a series of spoken reflections.

Provocation #1:

by Dr Martin Glynn

Need to gain some insight, wisdom, knowledge and some clarity
Need to understand digital donations and giving it back to charity
I remember the old days when we got cash placed firmly in our hands
Cash with a wage slip, made handling money much easier to understand
I then had a paper cheque book, with a plastic cash point card
I never saw any money, which at times was both confusing and hard
Then came debit ‘N’ credit cards, now replaced with online banking
Contactless payments and crypto currency are now top in the rankings

Crypto means ‘hidden’, ‘secret’, cannot forge, or track ‘N’ trace
Cryptocurrency investment is risky, locked away in a virtual space
Can’t spend cryptocurrencies like you do with cheque or cash
Have to sell them in exchange for traditional currency that may crash
Crypto networks are democratic ‘N’ operate thru’ peer-to-peer
You have to think ‘N’ act very smartly, dispatching any fear
Not run by central banks, Crypto’s hard to get ya money back
Cryptocurrencies require no red zone, but staying in the black

Smart Donations uses blockchain in response to real-world needs
A new approach to giving, where donors mistrust, hopefully recedes
Donations are released to a charity when certain conditions are met
‘N’ outcomes are determined using algorithms ‘N’ data sets
Smart Donations measures impact, ‘N’ tracks it’s donations
Monies given are programmable, using data driven information
These donations are a bridge between a donor ‘N’ the charities they support
Where monies are locked away tightly, cannot be stolen, sold, or bought

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Martin Glynn, is one of the three artists we commissioned creative researchers to cut through the corpus of a major research project that took place between 2019 and 2021.