The Sounds of Deep Fake

Can you believe what you hear? When is a voice or sound authentic? This exhibition, curated by the Institute for Design Informatics, brings together exciting experimental artists including Martin Disley, Theodore Koterwas and Everest Pipkin, who are working with sound and emerging technologies to explore deep fake audio. Their work asks what it means to …

Artists at Inspace Gallery question authenticity and ownership of AI generated voice 

A new exhibition at Inspace Gallery bringing together international artists working with sound and emerging technologies to explore deep fake audio. Premiering as part of the 2023 Edinburgh Festivals, the exhibition is a collaboration between Inspace Gallery, the Institute of Design Informatics and Creative Informatics 

Tactile Intelligence

Exhibition featuring the work of Design Informatics Artist in Residence Theodore Koterwas.
Come explore the porous boundaries between us and technology as you interact with an invisible AI learning to communicate with you physically.
Through his residency Theodore has been approaching AI from the perspective of the body: exploring what it means for AI when we consider intelligence as a process of the entire body rather than just the brain.

There be Dragons

This exhibition features five artists/artistic teams that have produced informative, provocative and engaging pieces in response to an open call to explore issues of data and creative practice as part of Creative Informatics’ Creative Horizon 4 project.  Navigating the uncharted data territories of creative practice Opening 30 September to 2 October. Exhibition details Exhibition will …